High School Poetry- Take 2

Back in April, I posted one of the poems I wrote while in high school. If you don’t remember, or would like to refresh your memory, you can see that post here. When I posted that poem, I mentioned that I may post another in the future, and that’s what I’m going to do now.



Life is smoke and mirrors, a bouquet of flowers.

Full of fragrance, a bouquet of flowers.


Do the memories just die? Just fade into the past?

Yes, very much so. Like this bouquet of flowers.


One day, do I grow to a certain potential,

Just to be plucked like this bouquet of flowers?


Do I bring happiness, in a time of despair?

Like the thought behind this bouquet of flowers?


Or am I tilled, rugged and raw

Like the grave below this bouquet of flowers?


Perhaps a symbol of optimistic beginnings,

A bride’s hands gilded with a bouquet of flowers.


Or maybe, on the off chance, it’s freedom.

Like life, before this dying bouquet of flowers.


The symbol of something more, of individuality.

Just in case he comes back, with a bouquet of flowers.


I don’t know why I was writing sad poetry, I don’t remember high school being sad at all. I think it might just be that sadness is easier to write about, I think there are just more words to choose from. Who knows. I also don’t totally understand this poem, but I like that about poetry. I think it helps you sort of assign your own emotions to the words, with just a little guidance. It makes poems more meaningful, I think. Anyway, I thought I was hot shit when I turned this in- tenth grade me got a 98% in that class! Haha. But, I think we all know that the writer in the family is the guy I married, so I won’t quit my day job. (Unless I find one I like better.)

So, Am I A Poet?

I posted a poem yesterday! If you didn’t see it, you should go check it out. I’m wondering what you guys thought/think of it. I kind of miss writing, and I think someday I might try to dive back into it. I’m just wondering what kind of thoughts you guys had when/if you read my poem, but you guys are a little shy when it comes to comments!

I give you permission to be honest.

In unrelated news, I cannot seem to find a theme for my blog that I love. There are a few that I like (including this one and my last one), but none that scream “Bookcasey!” to me. I would like to do something in yellow and gray, but I just can’t find anything that fits the vision in my head.

Have any of you had the same problem? Did you just suck it up and pick one, or are you still agonizing over it, like me?

I Wrote Some Stuff, Once.

So, did you guys know that I took a creative writing class? Well, I did. I took a class my senior and I really loved. I had a teacher that pushed me to work harder, and helped me reign in my slacker self. I was showing some of my poems to Chris (for those of you that don’t know, he’s my super-fancy-author husband of 6 months and a million more years), and I thought I would share one with you! I might even share a couple, but only one for now.

The objective for this one was that it had to rhyme, that’s it.

Point of View

How still the bells in the steeples stand,

When time is still as well.

I look at the picture in my hand,

And remember time before this hell.

A picture’s worth a thousand words,

But they’re worthless if you can’t speak them.

My words have flown, gone with the birds,

Where only she can hear them.

Maybe it was just time spent,

A way to fill the space.

I wasn’t sure what death meant,

But now I’ve stared it in the face.

My heart is more than such a matter

Of the life and death of you.

So I arose with no thought of the latter,

I’ve changed my point of view.

Keep in mind, I was a senior in high school when I wrote this. But I feel good about the fact that my teacher wrote “Bravo!” on my paper, and you can’t take that from me! 🙂 If you guys aren’t too mean to me, I might post another one. (You’ll get a couple if you’re nice enough.)

I’m A Good Wife… Except To My Husband.

For Valentine’s day, I got my husband Assassin’s Creed III for the PS3. I gave it to him a couple days early because I feel like I have had it forever, and I just couldn’t wait to give it to him! I know I scored major points in the wife department, but now my author husband is spending a lot of time playing this game! Haha. I think I may have side-tracked him from his writing goals, at least for a little while. The one that is the most angry is my sister– she is anxiously awaiting his next book!

But, my husband is happy, and I know that he will start writing/editing again… as soon as he beats the game!

What did you give/receive for Valentine’s Day?

Chris got me a beautiful Open Heart key necklace– I absolutely adore it! I guess we both did pretty well this Valentine’s Day!