This Week’s Favorite Things

Hi! I think I might start doing a “This Week’s Favorite Things” spot on my blog. Today is obviously the first one, and it might become a thing! (We’ll see next week)

1. My new mug. I picked this gem up at a dollar store (or perhaps Big Lots?) when I was out perusing with a friend of mine. I drink my tea in it every morning (almost).


2. My husband and I have been talking about getting these for a long time, but we finally took the plunge after we found them on for half the price they are everywhere else….Vibram Five Fingers. We both got the Bikila style, and I loooooovvveeee mine. People ask me all the time if they are weird to walk in, but they aren’t for me! They feel like a protected version of my normal barefoot feet. I haven’t run in them yet, they recommend that you go slowly when you transition from running in sneakers to running in these, because it is a lot different.

3. Doctor Who. I have been watching this for a little while now, and I am only on season 4, but I love it. I didn’t want to just jump on the bandwagon and start watching the new episodes, so I have been going chronologically. I’m glad I decided to do it that way, I really am loving it!

4. Wegman’s organic raspberry jam. DELICIOUS. Anyone outside of New York and select locations surrounding it will not be familiar with this wonderful jam because you don’t have Wegman’s, but it is SO GOOD. I have been eating it almost every day with an english muffin.

You guys are probably wondering why there aren’t any books on my list of favorite things for this week, but I am currently readingĀ Beautiful DarknessĀ (Beautiful Creatures, #2), and it has yet to really pull me in. But it hasn’t pushed me away either!