Getting In Shape

Recently, I decided that I really needed to get in shape. I have come to this realization a million times before this, but this time I am really trying. I am attempting to make the transition into a more paleo-centered diet (eat like a caveman). This means that I have pretty much stopped drinking dairy milk and eating grains. I first switched to soy milk, and to be honest it had nothing to do with a paleo diet. I switched to soy milk because it made my chai lattes taste better! Haha. Eventually, I cut back on the number of chais I was drinking and made the switch to almond milk. It’s alright, but I prefer chocolate flavor. Giving up bread and pasta is really difficult for me, but I have been doing what I can!

I have also been trying to work out in ways that are more entertaining for me. Fortunately for me, a lot of those types of workouts put me in a can’t-back-out-situation. For example, we live very close to Stonybrook State Park, so we have been going to run the treacherous beautiful trail there. Once I get to the middle, my only choice is to keep going if I want to get home! Haha.

I also love to box (I am an amateur at best), and my husband is kind enough to hold mitts and throw combos at me while I attempt to hit him as hard as possible. He is a good sport. In the past, I have had trouble with weakness in my hands when we box, but I got longer hand-wraps and smaller gloves and they are helping my problem immensely!

Anyway, I wanted to share today’s workout with you guys! I found it on Pinterest when I was looking for a good track workout, and this one certainly delivered. It takes 35 minutes (you just keep doing it for that long), but you reaaaallllyyyy feel it at the end of those 35 minutes! I had a pretty consistent pace, and averaged about 5min/400m. I was already sore and tired (I did it after I got out of work at 8pm), and that made the first 3 laps AWFUL. It was a complete mental game in the beginning. But, after that I got closer to the end and I was more motivated and feeling a bit better. I even jogged a warm up lap before I started! Next time, I am not doing this after work, because by the time we finished, it was dark. Chris did it with me and I had trouble finding him on the opposite side of the track. But, it was a tough workout and I was proud of myself for completing it. Here it is!