What A Weekend.

With the exception of a pretty awesome birthday party for my 2-year-old cousin yesterday, this weekend has been a bust for me.

It all started yesterday morning when I thought I was going to kill my kitten.

Chris had to work early, so it was just me. I never feel like making breakfast when it is just me, and so I decided to make some Carnation Instant Breakfast. No big deal, just downing my nutrients in the form of chocolate milk. I went back up to my room (on Saturdays I watch America’s Next Top Model on HuluPlus- don’t you dare judge me) and I went to set my drink on a stand behind my bed so I could get comfortable. Before I could do it, I had a brainblast and decided to put it in the bookshelf so that Buffy (the demon kitten) wouldn’t knock it down.

By now you probably know how this story ends.

I was watching my show, and I hear a commotion. I was mad before I turned around. I knew. I just knew. That whole cup (I had taken ONE sip) was upside down and there was chocolatey goodness EVERYWHERE. I should also tell you that we recently got a new bed set, and it came with all sorts of pillows and we ended up having around 7 pillows piled up behind our bed because we don’t use that many pillows when we sleep. Who needs to sleep with 9 pillows?

Every single one of those pillows got hit. That kitten strategically spilled my breakfast so that it would get on every single pillow. I swear.

When I realized what happened, I locked eyes on my little demon kitten and she had the common sense to run for her life.

CASEY ANGRY. I was literally roaring like Hulk as I ripped the pillow case off of every pillow and threw all the pillows all over the room.

The culprit.

The culprit.


And that was just Saturday.

To be honest, the rest of my weekend really wasn’t bad. I had to take all of my laundry (which could have waited a day or two if Buffy hadn’t ruined everything) up to my mom’s (I don’t have a washer and dryer and the laundromat isn’t free). I was just hanging out with my madre and watching Superhero Sunday on FX when I got a text. From my boss.

I was supposed to be at work 5 minutes ago.

My work pants are still in the dryer.

I need to shower.

I’m sad.

So, now I am complaining to you in the hopes that it will serve as some sort of catharsis and I will feel better and be able to laugh about this tomorrow.

At least my pillow cases are clean, and my clothes, too. Silver lining? Okay.


A couple of days ago, Chris and I got to go pick up a new furbaby. We named her Buffy (we have high hopes for her). She is awesome. She is tiny. She is adorable. Here’s proof:

I wasn’t kidding! I’m pretty sure all of these pictures are from the same day- a friend of mine came over and she and I had a photo shoot with the most adorable kitten ever. Among her favorite things are: learning to climb up and down the stairs, finding the tiniest places in our apartment to fit herself in (turns out we have a hole in our box spring…), climbing to the back of the couch and sliding and jumping all the way to the floor. Also, attempting to make friends with our adult male cat, Stu. This is Stu:

To be honest, I have no idea how old Stu is. I sort of inherited him when I started dating my husband almost five years ago, and he has just been a part of my life ever since. He is a pretty chill cat, fond of treats and canned food. He has some funny quirks- like running for his food dish every time someone startles him, throwing a fit whenever he can see the bottom of his food dish (regardless of how much food is actually in it), and rushing into the bathroom every time someone comes out. However, we got Buffy on Friday and he was not very impressed with us. He hissed at her if she got too close, and he would swat at her if she touched him. Then after that he would get all moody and mopey and would hide whenever possible and whine when it wasn’t.  He hasn’t hurt her at all, and he is making progress. This is the first day that he hasn’t left the room whenever she enters it. In fact, we are all lounging on our bed watching Kevin Hart as we speak! So, there is hope for us yet.

Anyway, this is what we have been doing this weekend- acclimating our new cat to her new house, and our old cat to his new fursister. I hope you guys had a fun weekend!