Hire Me! The Story of My Life.

You guys have probably figured out by now that I am looking desperately for a job. At first I was under the impression that it wouldn’t be all that difficult. Then that bitch called Life came and slapped me across the face with the news that no, it most definitely is NOT that easy. Oh LIfe, you sassy broad, you.

So, I have spent the last 9 months actively searching for a job that will pay me decent money to use my degree. I actually have a lead now, and I just finally finished that pesky cover letter. I think, anyway. A couple people still have to look over it for me, but I think what I have is at the very least a solid foundation. So, I will be applying as soon as that’s finished.

But, seriously- why didn’t anyone tell me that cover letters were harder to write than resumes? Furthermore, why was I not taught to write a cover letter OR a resume at all during my college career? THOSE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT! I can tell you all about what a drunk Kenneth Burke was, but I could not write a resume without A LOT of help. Also, I am tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Awesome.

Anyway, please cross your virtual fingers and say a little prayer for me or send good vibes my way (or whatever it is you do ) that I get this job! I could really use them. Almost as much as I could really use that job. 

I will leave you with this gem that has been floating around the tumblrverse and accurately describes how I feel whenever anyone asks me if I’ve found a job yet: