Books? On My Kindle?!

I have always been a staunch supporter of print books. I don’t think that anything competes with the feeling of a book in your hands, or even the smell of one. I have been a reader my whole life. When I was little, my Grandma always bought my brother and me a copy of all of the Harry Potter books when they came out, and we would call dibs on who got to read them first. We had to anxiously wait until the other had already read it (my mom also read them) and then we would have conversations about the book, like our own little family book club. That sort of thing means a lot to me, and ever since then I have been acquiring books so that I might have a library someday. I was lucky enough to marry someone who has a love for books almost as big as mine, a writer even! So, he has joined me in my quest for a Beauty and the Beast library.

But, what about the Kindle? (Or Nook/Kobo, etc., if you prefer)

I first got my Kindle last year for academic purposes. It was easier to just bring up a pdf that my professor had sent to me than to make a trip to the library to print it out before class. However, I hadn’t put any books on it until April of this year. The reason? The book I wanted (Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi) was only available as an eBook. I remember thinking “Why would anyone only make their book available as an eBook?!?!” But, the Shatter Me series obsessed me absolutely had to have that digital novella. After looking around a bit, I realized this practice of publishing novellas in digital format only was pretty popular. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. There are obviously pros and cons when it comes to eReaders. These are mine:


-Books are cheaper, and there are even some hidden gems in the “free” category.

-Some books only come as digital copies.

-Helpful for school books/files.

-You can read a Kindle in the dark!



-People say that eReaders are more mobile, but honestly books are often similar in size, and you don’t have to charge those.

-What about the libraries?!

-When you read books, people always ask you what you’re reading. I don’t think that practice is as common with eReaders. But, then again, we do have things like Goodreads nowadays.

-Cover art! You see the cover art of your book each time you pick it up, but Kindles usually just jump right to page, and some don’t even have cover art.


Obviously, these are pretty short lists that I put together kind of quickly. But, it didn’t take me long to brainstorm this list at all, and I am new to eReaders (when it comes to reading.)

What side of the eReader debate do you fall on? What are some of your biggest reasons?


Let’s Get Creative!

I know you guys are probably upset with me for calling myself a book blogger when I haven’t posted a review in over a week, but I promise I have been busy. I have plenty of reviews for you, you will just have to be patient. I guess my problem is that I have been reading like crazy! My Goodreads goal is 50 books for this year, and I am already 5 books ahead! Whoo! Right? Well, right and wrong. I love reading all of these books, but they keep my from blogging!

Another thing that has kept me from blogging is my new gym membership. I have been trying to go every day, and I haven’t missed a whole lot. My awesome friend Ashley has been my gym buddy in addition to her bff responsibilities. Unfortunately, Ashley works at the family Pancake House, and I will lose her to 50 hour work weeks at Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn on the 12th, so I have been hanging out with her as much as possible! (Another reason I haven’t been blogging so much.)

But, that brings me to the subject of this post. Ashley and I made stuff! We originally decided that we wanted to make cat sweatshirts. So, we set out to make some! At first, we were going to use a stencil and fabric paint, but in the interest of time, we decided on iron-ons instead. Well, after buying the iron-on sheets and searching the internet for hours for a viable design (literally, hours), we finally decided what to put on our shirts. I went in a different direction than my original cat intention:

I went with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry crest.

I know that this may be a little geeky, but I love Hogwarts and I am not afraid to show it! Ha! I chose to put this design on a coral-ish colored sweatshirt- the kind with a big scoop neck that hangs off one shoulder. I really hate crop tops (I am just not shaped for those), so I got a bigger size and this seems to be a good length.

Anyway, we printed out our designs onto the iron-on sheets. Ashley was using a blue sweater, so she got the sheets meant for dark colors and I got the sheets for light colors since mine was coral(ish). There is a ginormous difference between the two. Mine was the equivalent to a temporary tattoo. It isn’t temporary, what I mean is that it is something you apply heat to and peel off. Ashley’s is more of a patch type thing. You peel of the back, put it on the fabric, cover it with parchment paper, and iron. Mine was a little more nerve wracking.


This is my design all cut out on the iron-on paper and ready to be ironed!

That isn’t where my design actually went. Since it had to be printed backward, it goes face down and then gets ironed onto the fabric, I chose to put it in the middle. Thankfully, I had that helpful little triangle on the color to help me line it up in the center. I was so nervous at this point (irrational, but true) so I decided to do the crest first and then do the motto. I put the crest in place and then followed the directions, but it required a lot of pressure and pretty soon my hand was hurting from pressing the iron down! I started to peel it up after a while, and we could tell that it wasn’t ready, but luckily we were able to just put it back down and apply more pressure and heat! The directions said that if I wanted it to be glossy, I should peel it cold– which meant to let it cool down before I peeled. For a matte finish, I had to peel it before it could cool, and matte was my choice.

After I peeled the crest I positioned the motto and got all nervous for that part. This time, I was ready for the amount of pressure and time it took. However, irons are bigger than you expect and I pressed it down onto the crest by accident…just for a second. But I picked up some of the color (not enough to make a big enough difference) and that wasn’t so bad, except I then pressed it on the shirt and created a smudge. But, it was just a little one and not a super big deal. Finally, I peeled and it looked fine!

IMAG0814Finished product!

You can’t really tell that I smudged it. The only thing that I really noticed is that I must have let the Gryffindor corner of the crest cool a little because it turned out a little glossy, but it isn’t really that noticeable. I was just so excited to have some HP paraphernalia! Whooohooo! 🙂

Ashley put Figaro the cat on hers, he is from Pinocchio.  Hers turned out great, too! We are so pleased with ourselves for being crafty 🙂

NewshirtsLook at how awesome they turned out! 

And yes, I know she is a whole lot taller than me, haha.

Oh! And the motto for Hogwarts is Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus: Never tickle a sleeping dragon!