Most of you know that my husband is a writer. But did you know his newest book was released yesterday?!


If you like 50’s noir crime, then this book is perfect for you. I read it myself and I think it’s awesome! Head over to mentalsweatshop to take a look, and head over to Amazon to pick up a copy!

The Introverted Journalist

Christopher Stocking- Author, Editor and Freelance Journalist

Are you an introvert? Are you a journalist? Would you like to read about someone who is both? Then hop on over to Chris’s (my husband!) new blog The Introverted Journalist. It’s his brand new blog documenting his time as a freelance journalist- and an introvert. It’s sure to be a good read, so you should go give him a follow!

And for those of you that already know Chris -don’t worry, his creative writing blog is still active! You can check up on his creative writing adventures at Write to Perfect.


Excuse Me, Did You Say Free?

Most of you probably know that my husband is an author. Well, right now he is doing a promotion where you can download a free copy of His Only Star on your Kindle!

You may be thinking “Well, what do I have to do to get it?” The answer is NOTHING. Well, after you download hopefully you will read it and tell all of your friends, but that’s completely up to you.

Anyway, make sure you head to the kindle store and download your free copy of His Only Star by Christopher Stocking!

If you are interested in any of his other works, you can check out his blog:

You will find lots of good stuff over there! 🙂

Need Something To Read?

Hi guys!

As you might know, my husband is an author. Chris also has a writing blog at But the cool thing is that he is holding a contest, and you could be the winner of a free copy of his latest novella His Only Star. It is a really great novella (I read it myself) and you should definitely give it a read! Here is the snippet from Goodreads:

“Do you ever look at the stars and wish you could snatch them out of the sky?” Oliver asked. “You know, to keep in a box all for yourself?”

“What would you do with a box of stars, Oli?” Trista asked.

Oliver shrugged. “I don’t know, change the world?”

When fifteen-year-old Oliver sneaks away on a train with his friend, Trista, he discovers that life has more to it than the small world he is trapped in. It’s full of sex, drugs, and danger. But, before Oliver can come to terms with these, he must first learn that everyone has their demons, and he must come to accept them.


But what if it’s too late?

Sounds good, right? Well if you pin the link from his blog or from his Pinterest account, you are eligible to win a free digital copy! It is available for all electronic readers! Go check it out!!

*If you are a traditional book reader like myself, you can find his books on Amazon!