My name is Casey. I’m 22 and recently married! (You can follow my husband’s blog at http://www.writetoperfect.wordpress.com) I just finished up my undergrad at SUNY Brcokport in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology.

I plan to write a lot about books (reviews and such), but I’m not sure what other fun tidbits are going to sneak their way in here.  My husband is the writer, but I’m the reader. I read around 45 books a year. I suppose I’m the kind of person who gets completely caught up in what they are reading, which usually means I finish books quickly.

Right now, I work at a hospital in my town but I am working on getting a full time job (with benefits! cross your fingers…). I am unsure as to what my next academic step will be– I want to go to grad school but I need to be absolutely sure what it is that I want to do before I take that very expensive leap.

I currently live in Dansville, NY with my husband, Chris, and our cat, Stu!

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