My name is Casey. I’m 22 and recently married! (You can follow my husband’s blog at http://www.writetoperfect.wordpress.com) I just finished up my undergrad at SUNY Brcokport in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology.

I plan to write a lot about books (reviews and such), but I’m not sure what other fun tidbits are going to sneak their way in here. Β My husband is the writer, but I’m the reader. I read around 45 books a year. I suppose I’m the kind of person who gets completely caught up in what they are reading, which usually means I finish books quickly.

Right now, I work at a hospital in my town but I am working on getting a full time job (with benefits! cross your fingers…). I am unsure as to what my next academic step will be– I want to go to grad school but I need to be absolutely sure what it is that I want to do before I take that very expensive leap.

I currently live in Dansville, NY with my husband, Chris, and our cat, Stu!


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