Cheap Books

This week, my husband and I have been scouring Goodwills and Salvos for books. Why didn’t we think of this before? Why? We have absolutely no idea. Recently, we have gotten almost 20 books, including a box set of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, which I have been looking for for a long time! I really don’t know why we have not been looking at thrift shops for books before. We are always on the lookout at yard sales, household sales and bazaars, but those things typically only take place in the summer. We now have two tall bookcases, a short bookcase, a CD tower, three shelves, and four stacks of books that we will someday need to pack up into boxes when we move. Does anyone have a forklift we can borrow?

5 thoughts on “Cheap Books

  1. I love going to Goodwill for books! The paperbacks are only $1, so I can load up for the month and not feel guilty. And so many of the books are in like-new condition, so they’re perfect for passing on to friends when I’m done with them!

  2. I love doing this with my friends. We go about once a month, and it’s always such a thrill to buy books that you’ve been looking for and for such a low price too! I also find old comic books at Goodwill too, so that’s a plus!

  3. You’ll have to pry the forklift keys from my cold, sea hand, because I have filled my office from end to end and then some with books, too. Thankfully I haven’t lost either cat in there yet.

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