Remember When?

A couple weeks (months?) ago, I put up a post about Kindle vs. Print.  I listed pros and cons and I actually got a lot of comments on it. I am a staunch supporter of print- but recently I have been thinking about another pro of Kindles: those books are cheap most of the time, and a lot of them are FREE! Obviously I knew this before, but now that I am not working full time, I can’t really afford to buy books as often as before. I decided (just now) that I am going to delve a little deeper into the digital world with my reading habits, and I need some help.

So, I am calling out to all of my followers: Do you have any recommendations for cheap or FREE books available in the Kindle store? I am bored with what I have to read now, and I need something a little exciting. Let me know your favorites, and maybe they will become my favorites, too!

3 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. I just finished Brompton Manor 2 months ago. It is a quick read, I enjoyed it. I’m not one for love stories and this one is more about a girl with a hint of romance. I posted a review for it here. I know I got that for free. Almost all of the classics are free, too.

    I love my kindle because it is so portable, but I just love writing all over books. That is why I’m bad at borrowing books from the library because I can’t write on them.

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