So, Am I A Poet?

I posted a poem yesterday! If you didn’t see it, you should go check it out. I’m wondering what you guys thought/think of it. I kind of miss writing, and I think someday I might try to dive back into it. I’m just wondering what kind of thoughts you guys had when/if you read my poem, but you guys are a little shy when it comes to comments!

I give you permission to be honest.

In unrelated news, I cannot seem to find a theme for my blog that I love. There are a few that I like (including this one and my last one), but none that scream “Bookcasey!” to me. I would like to do something in yellow and gray, but I just can’t find anything that fits the vision in my head.

Have any of you had the same problem? Did you just suck it up and pick one, or are you still agonizing over it, like me?

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