I Wrote Some Stuff, Once.

So, did you guys know that I took a creative writing class? Well, I did. I took a class my senior and I really loved. I had a teacher that pushed me to work harder, and helped me reign in my slacker self. I was showing some of my poems to Chris (for those of you that don’t know, he’s my super-fancy-author husband of 6 months and a million more years), and I thought I would share one with you! I might even share a couple, but only one for now.

The objective for this one was that it had to rhyme, that’s it.

Point of View

How still the bells in the steeples stand,

When time is still as well.

I look at the picture in my hand,

And remember time before this hell.

A picture’s worth a thousand words,

But they’re worthless if you can’t speak them.

My words have flown, gone with the birds,

Where only she can hear them.

Maybe it was just time spent,

A way to fill the space.

I wasn’t sure what death meant,

But now I’ve stared it in the face.

My heart is more than such a matter

Of the life and death of you.

So I arose with no thought of the latter,

I’ve changed my point of view.

Keep in mind, I was a senior in high school when I wrote this. But I feel good about the fact that my teacher wrote “Bravo!” on my paper, and you can’t take that from me! 🙂 If you guys aren’t too mean to me, I might post another one. (You’ll get a couple if you’re nice enough.)

5 thoughts on “I Wrote Some Stuff, Once.

  1. The ability to speak with such conviction yet never directly creates beautiful imagery and space for the imagination to interpret the poem in many different ways. I would have put a big “Hoorah!” on your paper.

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