My First Bad Review

So, if you guys have gotten a chance to look at my last post, you will see that it is a bad review for a book. I have to admit, I felt a little bit like a jerk writing it… like bloggers’ guilt or something. I feel like I was justified in giving it the review that I gave it (you can read it and be the judge), but I don’t know if you guys will see it that way. I suppose I feel especially bad about it because of the awesome reviews I have been giving some of the other books I have read recently. But, I think that is part of what made me give it such a bad review- the other books that I have been reading are so much better than that one. I wonder if I would have given it a better review if I had read it before the Hex Hall books or the Heroes of Olympus books. I may have put Need under a little less scrutiny. Who knows!?

Do any of my fellow book bloggers out there feel guilty after a bad review? Do you write more good reviews or bad reviews? Have you ever experienced this bloggers’ guilt?

2 thoughts on “My First Bad Review

  1. As much as I hate giving a book a bad rating, I feel just as bad giving a less than awesome book the same rating as an awesome book… I was the same when I used to mark work for university students. I hated having to give a poor mark to a student. But how is going easy on them going to help them out? There’s a difference between someone who is striving for knowledge, or a book still in development phase, compared to a fully published work out in the world, because your comments can no longer help the author. However, reviews after publication aren’t for the author, they are for readers. You are telling readers who may or may not agree with your opinions how you felt about a book. If the things you didn’t like are things that won’t affect their reading experience, it shouldn’t put them off. All you can do is share your opinion (and make that clear… somehow people keep forgetting that aspect of reviews) and as you build a reputation people will learn whether or not they tend to agree or disagree with you.
    Anyway… that’s my spiel…

  2. It’s hard to think about how someone who has put their heart and soul into a book will feel when they read your blog post tearing it down. I totally understand. However. My audience isn’t authors. I don’t have many authors who follow me and I don’t seek them out as followers. Just like authors are encouraged to write their books to their ideal reader, I write my reviews for my ideal reader friend. I try to tell it exactly like I would if a friend asked me whether or not I recommend that book.

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