A Review is Coming… I Promise!

I know that you guys have been very patiently waiting for my review of Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan series, and I promise it will only be a day or two. I literally finished the last book a few minutes ago, so I am going to get working on it as soon as possible!

My husband and I have been very busy lately, and that has been hampering my reading time. I had to work all last weekend (including Thursday, Friday, and Monday) and on Tuesday we went down to visit my Mother-in-Law and my husband’s grandma for a few days to finally celebrate Christmas with them. We had a good time there, and it was nice to spend some time with his side of the family– even if I didn’t get much reading done.

We also went up to his Dad’s house today and helped him paint his dining room ceiling. It wasn’t the most exciting job (my shoulders are going to hate me tomorrow), but it was nice to spend some time with him, too. It helps that he is a funny guy!

Tomorrow, I may be less than motivated to write my review because we are having Sunday dinner at my mom’s house. She is making one of my favorite dishes- chicken and rice and gray- and I am so looking forward to it! I guess we are spending quite a bit of time with our families, and you can’t say that’s a bad thing!

One other thing, I found out the other day that I have been making a very embarassing spelling mistake for a while now. I don’t mean to brag, but I have won some spelling bees in my time… too bad they haven’t helped me with names! All this time I have been referring to the author of the Leviathan Series as Scott Westerfield, when in reality his name is Scott Westerfeld!! In case you didn’t notice, I have been adding an “i.” How embarassing!

Anyhow, I promise you will have a review soon and I am SO sorry to have kept you waiting so long!

2 thoughts on “A Review is Coming… I Promise!

  1. I thought his last name was Westerfield for the longest time too! I’d try to search him up on book sites like Amazon, and nothing would show up! Then I was like, wait a second . . . anyways, I totally know how you feel. Glad you’re reading this series!

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